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{BE} Succeeding | Colorado Senior Photographer

Hailey is a POWERHOUSE. This girl is a Go-Getter in every sense of the word. And she is a graduating senior this year, on to bigger and better things. I just know she will do BIG things in life!

“My favorite memory from High School so far would be at the last softball game my junior year. We had lost all our conference games and it was senior night. We were losing pretty bad but our coach encouraged us not to give up in the last inning and we came back and won by one point!”

“If I could see any band in concert it would be Dan and Shay. They are a country band with really wholesome music.”

“My best friend is my boyfriend Dylan I have known him for 6 years. We first met in band class in 6th grade at Trail Ridge.”

“I was nervous to start High School. I’m so shy but it helped become more outgoing.”

“I would say the first thing people notice about me is my smile – I’m always smiling!”

“I have all types of music on my phone, I am not picky at all!”

“My favorite movie growing up was ‘Two Bits and Pepper.'”

“I define success as being happy in what you’re doing.”

“Extra-Curricular Activities I take part in include student council, student advisory council, and softball.”

“My dream car would be a four-door Jeep Wrangler in white.”

“A memory of high school that makes me laugh the most was Freshman year when the whole class would laugh exactly how I did.”

“A must-have item for any high schooler would probably be a cell phone.”

“I see myself as a successful physical therapist who is also happily married in ten years.”

“I am passionate about school – specifically math and science. Also, family, football and hiking.”

“Accomplishments that have given me the most satisfaction in life so far would be getting a 4.0 in high school, going to state in softball and being a student council senior rep.”

“I’m not tied to a brand of clothing but I mainly shop at Charlotte Russe.”

People that I look up to and can really rely on are my big sisters. I love them all and they’ve all shown me differnt kinds of success.”

“My absolute favorite class would be AP Biology. I was learning what I love, and had a teacher who believed my hard work would get me far in life.”

“My pet peeves are lead by my bad habits. When I don’t get enough sleep I end up annoyed by everything.”

“I can be so shy but it doesn’t take much to bring me out of my shell.”

“I chose Becky as my Senior Portrait Photographer because I’ve heard great things about her and have many close ties to her!”

Hailey, you are a DOLL. Best of wishes in your very bright future, girlfriend!


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