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{BE} A Leader | Colorado Senior Photographer

Derek is a Senior this year, graduating from Berthoud High School! I have a special place in my heart for this school because of ties through my husband, a fellow alumnus. Derek leads worship for the youth at Rez and my daughter is a BIG Fan. He serenaded me with his talents during his shoot and I have joined the fan club!

“Thus far, my favorite memory from high school would have to be of me and my fellow PSC’s (peer support counselors) during our retreat to Estes. There were five guys and about twenty some girls, who eventually decided to break into our room and to the living crap out of it. We thought a good way to get back would be to take my buddy Joel’s bluetooth speaker and play bear sounds outside their room at night. We did this at about 3 AM and then went on a hike out in the woods, still in our pj’s. Apparently our little scheme had worked because some of the girls brought it up to us at breakfast. We were almost too tired to care though…”

“If I could go see any band, it would be Norma Jean, a heavy metal band I fell in love with back in middle school.”

“My best friend is Adam Klein. He’s a Jewish kid I’ve known since kindergarten. Our senses of humor align perfectly so we get along pretty well.”

“NO, I was not nervous at all to start High School. I wanted to be in high school so bad, everything prior was so slow and painful, that when I heard about the freedoms and challenges of high school, there was no room for me to be nervous.”

“I make people laugh a lot, so one thing people would notice about me at first would be my humor and desire to laugh constantly. Other than that, I’m very expressive and at times, very loud.”

“I have every kind of music on my phone, from worship, to heavy metal, lullabies, punk, rock, jazz, and even classical brass, opera, and orchestral music.”

“Balto was my favorite movie growing up. It’s basically about a wolf who falls in love with a sled dog in Alaska, all the while a storm keeps the life saving medicine from ever leaving the airway and save the sled dog’s owner, Rosy from being cured.”

“Success is defined by achieving your goals, but only if you had love as your primary motive. ‘But without love, I am nothing…’ 1 Cor 13:2″

“Besides leading for youth worship, I participate in National Honors Society, Sources of Strength, and Peer Support Counseling at school.”

“My dream car would be either an Aston Martin Vulcan, or a Saleen S7.”

“The memory that makes me laugh the most, is of me and the nerdiest white people I know starting a “gang” at school called the Shadowdogs. Our color is purple and a picture of us with a caption and title is officially getting put into the yearbook this year.”

“Every high school student needs a bottle of hand sanitizer because some of them have nasty hands and nothing’s worse than a sweaty, sticky handshake.”

“In 10 years, I’ll hopefully be done with medical school and finishing up residencies as an Otolaryngologist. On top of that it’d be nice to have a family getting started.”

“I’m passionate about people. I wanna see hearts changed and the unloveable experience the everlasting love of God. I’m passionate about music and expressing more than just emotions through writing songs, playing in a band, or singing in my car.”

“Nothing is more satisfying than the times when I don’t know how to do something in class, but figure it out on the test, like in my AP Calc BC class. Otherwise getting good enough at drums, guitar, and singing to actually use my gifts at church are some of my greatest accomplishments.”

“I don’t really have a brand of clothing I wear the most, but I love Department West and American Rag, not as much as workout gear and tank tops. I shop for clothes everywhere. Zumiez, Macy’s, Buckle, Dick’s, anywhere that has something comfortable.”

“I look up to both my parents but also my brothers. I can always count on Zach or Ty because sometimes they understand better than mom or dad can.”

“On the weekends I workout, play drums or guitar or something, have poker nights with my buddies, and go to church.”

Derek and his Mama, Steff. She is the epitome of “best Mom EVER.”

“My favorite class in high school has been Human Anatomy and Physiology; it was the most natural for me and brought a lot of fun dissections and labs that motivated me more to continue pursuing a career in medicine.”

“I can’t stand when people say sorry too often or talk over other people. My worst habit is probably chewing on my mustache when it gets too long and being too generous. I love paying for people’s lunch or dinner and always forget that I need to be saving money for college.”

“The most important thing to know about me is this: I love people A LOT but also love being alone. Sometimes, I will spend hours driving around by myself or sitting at a lake late at night with no one else around. Then again, at times I’ll do the same thing with one of my friends and have super deep conversations about life. Above all else, though; is my relationship with Jesus and talking about it with people.”

Derek, you’re a good guy. I mean it… you’re legit. Don’t ever lose your passion for Jesus and you will go so very far.


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