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{BE} Goal-Oriented | Colorado Senior Photographer

You guys!? How do I keep getting these ambitious Seniors?? I have to say I love hanging with the teens that are so goal-oriented; who know exactly what they want, where they want to be and have the drive to get there! This is Sabrina… and Sabrina is a ROCKSTAR!

“My favorite memory from high school so far is just going to the football games every season with all my closest of friends and just having a fun time watching the game, cheering and supporting the school. It is a great experience and I’m very excited for senior year football season as well.”

“If I could see any band in concert it would be Taylor Swift with her RED album. When it came out I was so happy with her songs. I love them all, honestly, and when they come on now I still know every word. I have already gone to a Taylor Swift concert but that one was for 1987, personally I still think RED was better.”

“My best friends are Hailey Johnson and James Canar. I’ve known Hailey since Elementary School, the early years, but we grew really close in about the 7th grade and have had so many memories, trips, and great times that I will cherish forever. James is my boyfriend and we have been dating for a little over 2 years now and we have known each other since middle school as well but got together the summer going into sophomore year. I couldn’t be any happier or luckier to have him by my side!”

“OOH I was so nervous going into high school. I remember Hailey and I were going together and the car ride there we couldn’t stop talking about how we had the butterflies! I remember that I was trying to play it cool and act like I wasn’t nervous. I honestly wasn’t that nervous until we got into the school. It felt like I had 100 butterflies in my stomach.”

“I would say the first thing people notice about me is my red hair. It is an uncommon characteristic and I get comments on it all the time from strangers.”

“The music on my iPhone is about 5 years old. I love all songs. I have some Taylor Swift, Akon, and Lumineers. Ever since then I’ve been using Spotify and I also ran out of money on iTunes.”

“My favorite movie growing up has been the Breakfast Club. I’ve seen this movie so many times, I know the movie word for word. Most people that watch it with me hate it, but honestly I love to show it off.”

“I define success as completing a task you’ve been stressing about, as working so hard that you complete your goal.”

“My extra-curricular activity is soccer!”

“Honestly I’m not too into to cars, but my dream car I think would be my dads car. Its so nice- 2016 Nisan Altima.”

“There was this one time at a football game my friend Maddie and I were there together, and a play was happening. We both thought someone else has the ball and were cheering and yelling and being SO extra. It turned out he wasn’t the one that had the ball and whoever did got tackled, and we still continued to cheer.”

“A must have item for a high school student is confidence. Be comfortable with yourself and happy with yourself. If you have confidence with anything it will show through and other people notice it as well.”

“In 10 years I see myself out of College hopefully being a Dentist, settling down maybe with someone by my side.”

“I am passionate about soccer and about my friends and family and making sure they know how important they are to me.”

“So far, looking into college being in the top 10% of my class is the biggest accomplishment because I did it by myself and it just helps me in the long run.”

“The brand of clothing I own the most of is Nike. I’m an athletic person and for me Nike is a must have, sports bras, spandex, shoes, leggings, shirts. Name it and I’ll have it in Nike.”

“My Father is the person I can always rely on. This year he has put his needs aside and focused on me. This year has been a really hard year on both of us, but more so for him and yet he still manages to be there for me. He tries to give me everything I could ever want.”

“On the weekends Ill be playing at least one game of soccer, probably watching some Netflix and hanging out with my friends.”

“My favorite class of all my school years was Art class. Don’t get me wrong, I suck at art and everything I made in that class was horrible but I had it with my friend Maddie. She always made the class better, even if my art work wasn’t what I wanted it to be.”

“A pet peeve of mine is slow walkers. I don’t know what it is but I always want to walk at a faster speed. I hate getting caught behind those slow walkers and not being able to get past them.”

“The most important thing to know about me is that I am outgoing and I love to socialize but at the same time I do have my own insecurities. Those do hold me back from being as outgoing and social as I would like to be.”

“I chose Becky for my Senior Portrait Photography because Hailey recommended her After hearing what Hailey had to say and seeing her work myself It was a done deal. I HAD to have Becky take my Senior Portraits.”

Sweet girl, I KNOW you will do big things for this world! Have a splendid senior year and don’t forget to #makegoodchoices!


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