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{BE} Inquisitive | Colorado Senior Photographer

Kelly is a Mead High School Senior! Omagosh! Mavs are doing GOOD the last few years… what a great time to be part of the Mead Alumni! During her session I learned she was a very curious student who’s passion points her towards helping people with great tenacity. I’m so excited to see where she goes next!

“My favorite high school memory would just have to be all the football games. It’s been such a great time watching the football program at Mead grow into the team they are this year. Me and my closest friends lead the rowdy crowd at every game, and get the chance to cheer on players that we’ve known since elementary school.”

“My favorite hot drink would have to be chai tea.”

“My best friend is Paige Reorda, I’ve known her for almost four years, but we just got close this past year. We’ve always been in the same friend group, but we built a really strong friendship over the summer and do everything together!”

“I was very nervous for high school to start as a freshman. Prior to my junior and senior year, I had pretty bad anxiety, and would always pass up opportunities, thus making it very hard to make friends, and feel comfortable in social situations.”

“If you were to look at my music, you would find a wide variety of genres. My music tastes range from country, to early 2000’s hip hop, all the way to today’s rap songs.”

“My favorite movie growing up was probably She’s the Man, but now it’s either The Proposal or Love Actually.”

“To me, success is feeling comfortable and content in the life that you create for yourself. It’s when you prioritize your own well-being, and abide by your own moral standards.”

“My extra-curricular activities include: soccer, National Honors Society, writing for the MHS Newspaper, hanging out with friends, and going to the gym.”

“My favorite family memory would be when we used to spend Christmas break at my uncle’s house in Wichita, KS, with the whole family.”

“Every day that I’m with my friends, we laugh for hours and hours, and I create new funny memories regularly.”

“A must have item for a high school student, is an alarm! Being a student is harder than it looks, especially if you take as many AP classes as I do; it’s important to get naps in with whatever free time you might have, but you always need to have an alarm set.”

“In ten years, I see myself having completed med school and looking for a job in Europe, or on the East Coast as a trauma surgeon.”

“I am very passionate about helping people in any way that I can.”

“I am very satisfied with the fact that I am the president of National Honors Society, and that I have maintained above a 3.5 GPA for all four years of high school.”

“Out of the endless amount of clothes I have, the majority are from American Eagle.”

“I look up to my friends Marcus and Paige. They have always been there for me, no matter the circumstances, and have showed nothing but support and unconditional love with everything I’ve done.”

“During the school year, I can be found in the rowdy crowd at the Friday night football games. On Saturdays, after I get off of work, I usually hang out with my closest friends at “the mancave”, or we drive up to Boulder and get pizza from our favorite place, Cosmos.”

“My absolute favorite class would have to be AP European History. I have always been especially interested in history, and after going to Europe over the summer in 2016, I’ve been extremely interested in learning about all it’s history.”

“I don’t think that I have any pet peeves, but my bad habit is biting my nails!”

“I am a very positive person. I think it’s important to always have a good time, and hope for the best. Failure never seems like an option to me, and I think that what you get from life is all dependent on what you put into life.”

“I wish that I would’ve put myself out there more as a freshman and sophomore. Although it’s the scariest feeling in the world, it’s worth it in the end to create experiences for yourself, and establish long- lasting friendships.”

Kelly!!! You are a GEM! What fun I had with you and your sweet Mama <3 Stay passionate about the “why’s” in life and change the world with your answers!


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