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{Be} Anything You Want | Colorado Senior Photographer

“My Favorite Place on Earth? The Mountains.”

Hannah will be graduating from Resurrection Christian School next Spring. I met this sweet young lady when she was a freshman Teen Advocate for Life Choices Pregnancy Medical Center. This girl and I made a quick connection as she seemed just as bold and free (and might I add… funny) as I am!

“My Goal After High School? Graduate College and Travel.”

Do it, girl. Travel as much as possible. Go to the places that scare you first. Let your heart be broken for this world and subsequently put back together. Eat the richest foods and drink the sweetest drinks. Feel God’s creation all around you. Breath it in and don’t ever let it go. That’s living.

“My Biggest Accomplishment So Far In High School? My a cappella choir at school was invited to sing in a mass choir at Carnegie Hall last January. It was by far the highlight of my high school career.”

“My Dream Job? Dancing with the Rockettes”

Hannah is definitely an artist. She also enjoys singing, acting and comedy. Next time you run into her, ask her to tell you a joke. She’ll love it. Trust me.

“My Favorite Dessert? All of the above. And by that I mean any and all.”

But mostly Reese’s.

“The Person I Most Want To Meet? Elvis.”

“The Last Good Book I Read? ‘The Things They Carried’ by Tim O’Brien.”

“I love Becky because she is even crazier than I am! And she has a great eye for photos.”

Although Hannah just began playing the guitar, we thought it would be fun to incorporate one into her senior session. She makes that thing look GOOD!

I love you too, sweet girl. You’re going to go far and I can’t wait to see you do it!

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