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{BE} Serving | Colorado Couples Photography

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

It looks like knowing where the other wants to eat on date night. It looks like knowing their spouse so well they can just sit in the peace of life for a few hours. It looks like raising babies and raising wages. Two sons graduated and then married off. Five grandchildren, all so similar because of their roots yet, oh, so different in personalities. It looks like knowing the stories of each other’s past as if they were their own. Being present and aware and compassionate through many friend and family passings. It looks like endlessly serving one another, even when the day’s affairs make it less than desirable.

This is what 37 years of marriage looks like. I’m so lucky that this marriage is the marriage of my husband’s parents. They have always been a safe place for my husband and to go to to receive support and unconditional love, especially in our beginning. That doesn’t just happen, you know. Teaching the next generation how to do marriage doesn’t just happen by chance. We are so grateful to have this foundational pillar in our lives.

“We didn’t know the work it takes to keep a relationship together before we got married but have since learned to keep God 1st, pray about everything, don’t go to bed angry, be there for each other, communicate, and never have any secrets.”

“I appreciate how he makes me feel Loved everyday and doesn’t work as much as he did in the past. When the boys were growing up, he had no less than three jobs to support his family.” -Georgia

“She shares my dreams and we have learned to work better together over the years.” -Bob

I do love personalities! 😉

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