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{BE} Ecclesiastical | Colorado Couples Photographer

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Devin and Maggie have a shared faith in Jesus that is evident in their marriage. The way these two honor and respect each other is inspiring and is another testament to what our marriage mentors have done in their own family’s legacy. You can see more about the entire family’s story HERE and HERE. But this post is all about these two love birds..

When and where did you meet?

“We met during college at our Church’s college group. We can’t remember the exact time we met but Maggie did have a crush on Devin during those early days.”

When is your anniversary?

“December 18, 2010.”

If you could have 3 wishes for your future what would they be?

  1. That our children would be saved

  2. That we will faithfully serve at our church together

  3. That our parents will watch the kids for a week so we can go to Mexico for our 10th…

When did your spouse make you feel the most loved this past year?

Maggie- “Devin took the greatest care of me during pregnancy-I was sick sick sick!- and after our daughter was born. I almost never do the dishes these days because he chooses to bless me by taking care of that.”

Devin-“When she offered to make me my own tomato pie.”

What has been the biggest obstacle in your marriage to date?

“It took some time to get pregnant with our first. We were healthy and couldn’t figure out why. The Lord granted our prayers in Jessa Grace!”

What do you now know about marriage that you didn’t when you got married?

“It’s way more fun than we thought it would be!”

What is some advice you would give to newlyweds that might be in your exact same situation when you two began?

“Die to self. Serve the Lord together in your marriage. And have fun together.”

Are there couples you look up to that have influenced your marriage for the better? What makes their marriage so great?

“Many couples from church encourage us. We love to see couples who are still having fun!”

What helps you love the other person, even when you’re not happy with them?

“CHOOSING TO. Trying to outdo one another in love. Knowing that the Lord uses all things to grow and sanctify each one of us. And willingly submitting to our God given roles.”

What is your favorite CHANGE in your spouse after all these years?

Maggie- “Huge spiritual growth and leading our family in worship of the Lord.”

Devin- “She has become a domestic queen.”

What are your goals together for the next year?

“In the next year we look forward to watching the growing up of each of our kids and getting involved and serving at our new church.”

How do you keep the romance alive?

“Spending lots of time together. Working on marriage-conferences or classes every 3 years (a requirement from Maggie’s parents). Planning dates whenever possible.”

What is your greatest dream you dream together?

“We desire to be partners through and through in whatever life brings. We look forward to spending many years together just having fun and enjoying one another.”

In your opinion, how do you feel marriage (in society) today differs from when you were first married?

“Society is choosing to define marriage on their own terms-it has truly become subjective rather than based on the objective, never changing word of Truth. (I don’t think that has truly changed but it is more front and center than it was.)”

Do you have any boundaries for your marriage to keep it safe and sacred that you could share?

“Staying away from any close relationships with the opposite sex and constantly working at our own marriage-no growing stagnant.”


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