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{BE} Dedicated | Colorado Couples Photographer

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

I’m going to be honest here. We do a lot of marriage ministry in our house. I am not sure we have ever come across another couple so respectful of each other and devoted to their family than these two. Their story is similar to ours but with double the amount of kids 😉 You know the story…. teens who fall infatuated with each other who get pregnant and then their lives are immediately over. No? NO.

Their story is one of total commitment to each other and their life together as a beautiful family unit… against all odds. I can get into that. I can absolutely empathize with friends and family having absolutely no faith in the relationship. I can understand the hardship that is trying to raise babies while still in school and trying to get adult life up and going before being ready. I can appreciate having to FIGHT. HARD. For. Marriage.

If you know Ben and Bre, ask them about their story. It’s a TRUE romance.

“We met at a local church youth group in April 2005. Ben followed me home after being too shy to ask me for my number. Three days later he told me he loved me– we went to prom a week later and were inseparable.”

When is your anniversary?

“Wedding : June 14th, 2009 / Dating since: April 16th, 2005”

If you could have 3 wishes for your future what would they be?

“Happy, Healthy, full of laughter”

When did your spouse make you feel the most loved this past year?

“When we took time for each other on our anniversary to have a picnic by the river. We really try to focus daily on our marriage.”

What has been the biggest obstacle in your marriage to date?

Bre- “Having children at a young age”

Ben- “Maturing together (marring young)”

What do now know about marriage that you didn’t when you got married?

Bre- “I know now that I can fiercely love, and be infuriated with him, simultaneously.”

Ben- “I make the choice to continually try to not settle for the easy out, and to push myself to love more fiercely.”

“Don’t leave things unsettled, don’t argue over trivial things for the sake of arguing, listen to each other, touch often.”

Ben- “I always knew Bre would be a great mother and wife, but watching soften her heart and forgive more is the biggest. She keeps me grounded and never lets me spiral down. She always trusts and supports me no matter what.”

Bre: “Watching Ben grow into an amazing father, husband, and spiritual support for our family. I know that he will always be my person and my rock.”

“This next year we would like to take more time together as a family, vacation more often, and step away from daily routines.”

“To grow old together. To live our life to the fullest with each other.”

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