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{BE} Reverential | Colorado Couples Photographer

Erin is the youngest daughter to our marriage mentors. Her marriage to Kyle is a beautiful testament to what can happen when God changes the trajectory in a family’s legacy. This is their story…

When and where did you meet?

“Jan 2008, set up by a mutual friend.”

When is your anniversary?

“May 15, 2010”

If you could have 3 wishes for your future what would they be?

“To get to grow old together, that Christ remain at the center of our marriage, and that we set a good example to our children.”

When did your spouse make you feel the most loved this past year?

Erin- “When he sleep trained the twins and I got to sleep through the night” Kyle- “When she gave me extra time to study for seminary”

What has been the biggest obstacle in your marriage to date?

“Having 4 kids 4 and under with Kyle working full time and in seminary”

What do you now know about marriage that you didn’t when you got married?

“Marriage is different for each couple and comparison isn’t beneficial.”

What is some advice you would give to newlyweds that might be in your exact same situation when you two began?

“Getting involved in a good church. We moved away from family and we needed the friends and fellowship.”

Are there couples you look up to that have influenced your marriage for the better? What makes their marriage so great?

“One of our pastors in our church. They have been married 40+ yrs and you can tell they still love each other so much. Also Erin’s parents (pictured above with our daughter), they have encouraged us a lot.”

What helps you love the other person, even when you’re not happy with them?

“Knowing that we have been forgiven.”

What is your favorite CHANGE in your spouse after all these years?

Erin- “Our sense of humor has become the same.” Kyle- “Erin becoming more of an extrovert.”

What are your goals together for the next year?

“To have a year without so much on our plate and Kyle being done with seminary.”

How do you keep the romance alive?

“Early bedtime for the kiddos!”

What is your greatest dream you dream together?

“That our kids grow up and know the Lord.”

(Literally one of my favorite family photos. SO. Real. Life. ~Becky)

In your opinion, how do you feel marriage (in society) today differs from when you were first married?

“Marriage isn’t the “next step.” People just move in together now.”

Do you have any boundaries for your marriage to keep it safe and sacred that you could share?

“Don’t be critical of spouse to other people.”

Thank you guys for your honesty and commitment to Jesus and to each other! You two are definitely catalysts meant to do great things!

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