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{BE} Shanna & Sean | Colorado Engagement Photographer

Oh to be young and in love! This bride-to-be was introduced to me by oldest niece at a Starbucks down the road. We hit it off instantly when we discovered our common love of country music, colors and planning marriage at a young age. Her forever-to-be was military, set to come home in the early fall. Along with planning a wedding, much of which was on her own, this bride-to-be is also attending CSU and is so close to graduating! 2014 is sure to be a HUGE year for these two… and I am stoked to be a part of it!

This was/is their story…

“I grew up in Oklahoma, born and raised for 17 years. The summer after my junior year, we decided to move to Frederick Colorado. I was incredibly scared to move my senior year so I decided I would add some people from Frederick High school on Facebook so I could maybe have a few friends when school started (because if you know me I am just so shy….right?) Sean accepted my friend request and we talked online for about a month. Two days after I moved I got the chance to meet him… and here is why I hate telling the story… we met in the king soopers grocery store parking lot. (Yes, I realize he could have kidnapped me, so thanks for not doing that Sean.)  We instantly hit it off and began dating almost right away. As school approached things got complicated and it just was not our time to be together. Senior year flew by we went our separate ways but our story was not over there. A couple years passed, I was in college, Sean in the Army being a hero, we would talk on video chat for hours, and we would see each other when he was home on leave. I was enjoying being free, and trust me Sean was freer than I was. I thought college was for partying but apparently Army men know how to do that well. Sean will not admit it but he was ready for us to be back together, but I had different plans, he was always special to me but I just was not ready, or so I thought. I got a phone call as I was helping a friend move from Sean and I ignored it thinking he was just telling me what days he would be home for leave. God had other plans for him and me. I called him back later to find out heart sinking news, he was deploying to Afghanistan. In that moment of tears and heartache I realized I loved this man more than I ever would admit to anyone or myself and I could not let him leave without telling him how I felt. (I think he loved me along because he does not really remember when he fell in love, so we will pretend it was from day one) So… it happened we got back together 3 years later and he left to war. While he was gone, we would talk and it was always about our future together, I could picture it all and I had never felt more alive and loved even from someone 8.000 miles away. He came home with all his limbs like I requested and as the same man I feel in love with over and over again.

The proposal came fast and unexpected for most, but of course, again if you know me I investigate everything so I had suspicions that he was going to propose the day he came home since I was waiting for him when he got off the plane and he knew I was expecting it, so he changed his plans without telling anyone, typical. My time in North Carolina was ending and I told him “DO NOT propose the day before I leave I want to spend time with you after we get engaged!” So what does Sean do? He proposed September 30, 2012, 2 days before I had to return to Colorado. It was perfect for us we were on the beach at Fort Fisher, and it was private and it made me laugh (and cry). I tried to ruin everything because I just have no patients but he manages to work around me being difficult and made the day so special and one I play over and over in my head. I am sure there is more to the story that I do not even know about but it is up to you to try to get Sean to talk! We are having a long engagement so we can focus on getting him out of the Army and home and so I can finish my degree at Colorado State University. So after almost a 2 year engagement we will be getting married in Windsor, CO at Pelican Lakes on July 19, 2014. (Yes 5 years to the day since I met him in the oh so romantic King Soopers parking lot) We hope everyone is able to come and celebrate our love story with us!”

I LOVE this story because my hubby and I just so happened to have met in a Diamond Shamrock parking lot! I think it just goes to show you that love will find you at the perfect moment… in the most unique places 😉

Their style is definitely my cup of tea. There is something about downtown, with the city lights and energy this urban type of photography brings.

Thanks so much to Miss Shanna and Mr. Sean for having me be a part of something so great as young love can be!

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