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{BE} Ashley & Eric | Colorado Engagement Photographer

To say this couple is fun and exuberant and laissez-faire would be a complete understatement! Ashley and Eric (PRINCE Eric, as I like to call him…. if you’re any kind of a Disney fan you’ll get what I’m talking about here) are the epitome of awesome!For example, this guy purposed to this girl via AIRPLANE and with a RING POP! Are you kidding me??? How completely just plain COOL is that???

Here’s what Miss Ashley had to say about the experience (photos curtesy of Miss Ashley)….

“After 7 years with my now fiancé (Eric)!  He surprised me with one of the most exciting nights of our lives.  What I thought was just another night of plans he had for us with what he said was his brothers idea.  He wouldn’t tell me what the plans were.  This is how almost all of our plans and nights are  I got off work and went home to change so I could meet them for what I still wasn’t sure what it was.  Being a girl you need to know what you are doing so you know how to dress accordingly.  He finally told me to meet them at the Loveland/Fort Collins Airport to take a 4 seat plane for a test flight to see about buying it.  This seemed normal since they have a pilot friend and own a plane with him.  When we got in the plane Eric told me to take some pictures since it was a pretty sunset.  Calvin (his brother) was in the front with the pilot taking pictures of all of us.  I was thinking to myself “wow they are really excited about this plane ride”.  As we were flying I could tell we were getting near Calvin’s house.  At the time thinking nothing of it.  We fly by and Eric tells me to look out his window.  As we fly over the house I see “Ashley Marry Me” in lights on the roof and fireworks.  I am awestruck.  Eric pulls out a ring pop!  I get the chills and I am speechless.  I told him “I cant even look at you right now” and inside joke we have.  I eventually said YES!  We went back to the house where he had our siblings and closest friends waiting to celebrate with us!  He later told me that he used the ring pop because he knew I didn’t know what ring I wanted and wanted me to be able to pick my ring!  What girl wouldn’t want a ring pop and a diamond!”

And Prince Eric’s story…

“So it started out just another day I was of course winging it and playing it by year. I had talked to Tyler a week or so prior about doing the fly over and he said okay. I called him that day and he didnt know if he would be able to do it since he had just gotten home or something and didn’t know if the plane was available. So I had him call and find out not expecting anything to come of it and just planned on doing it a different day. It turned out that the plane was free and Tyler would be able to make it work so the ball started rolling in motion. The only problem that I created was I told Jennifer my sister that I needed her better camera to take pictures of some eBay stuff to sell. And we couldn’t even get the 1000 dollar camera to work any better then the cell phone camera. By the plan that I told everyone was we were going to meet at Calvin’s to celebrate Ashley recent promotion. Keith Calvin’s roommate was in charge and knew what was goin on and was in charge of lighting the fireworks when we flew over. I told Ashley we were going to go test fly another plane we were interested in buying so she could go along. So Tyler Calvin and I meet Ashley over at the the flight school and got into the airplane. We took off and headed towards Calvin’s house. We were flying lower then we should have been but the view was worth the law breaking. I was like what is that as Tyler tilted the plane to look over Calvin’s house. You could see the Christmas lights perfect and the letters Ashley marry me. At that time I pulled out the biggest rock anyone I know has every seen it cost me a third mortgage on my house. A whooping .50 cents lol. That’s right a red ring pop. And what do you think she said? Yes! No she didn’t say yes she said I can’t talk to you. Can you believe that I was crushed so I pushed her out the plane. Lol after we flew around a few times and saw the fireworks that Keith lit off we circled back to the airport and landed and headed to Calvin’s to have some drinks and celebrate.”


Is that not the sweetest thing ever??

The Colorado Flood of 2013 made things a bit hard to find a usual spot for photos to fit their style, but after driving a bit up to Carter Lake area we were able to get just what we wanted. Nature at it’s finest. In the Colorado landscape… in the late fall. Perfection.

I cannot WAIT to be a part of your gorgeous wedding this summer!

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