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Welcome to Twelve Stones Collective. 

TSC is a Photography for Purpose Company specializing in High School Senior, Business Professional Headshot, Sports and School Portraits as well as Real Estate and Product Photography.

I’m a crazy fan of Rebels and World Changers. I'm on a mission to know and show your story!

Profits from sales and sessions are used towards supporting and educating marriages in

Northern Colorado and beyond. I believe in marriage and that’s my reason to rebel.

What’s yours?

Twelve Stones Collective is a shout out to legacy. 

Hello! I'm Becky Young


I'm a Rebel and proud of it. 

I'm a fan of other Rebels and World Changers.

I like people who think outside of the box; who see deeper meanings in everything.

I want to hang out with the other fish who also swim upstream.

My favorite people always ask questions and don't give up until those questions have answers.


I'm on a mission to start a #rebelforareason movement

with my camera. I don't just "take pretty pictures." I use my camera to show that True Rebels know that Rebellion isn't just being disobedient.

They don't give up until they change the world for the better.

Margaret Thatcher, Dave Ramsey, William Wallace, and the American Patriot  are just a few True Rebels who inspire me.

Who inspires you to Rebel? 

Portrait Photography
Marriage Education
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